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The 4-H Dog Project ID and Vaccination Verification form is now available. All 4-H dogs need to have this form completed BEFORE they participate in local county 4-H training classes and shows. Note that the Vaccination Verification includes a veterinarian signature. The ID form will replace the veterinary certificate previously required for admittance to county and state dog events.

Each dog’s ID form must be uploaded to 4HOnline by June 1, enabling them to be used for county and state shows. Dogs will be inspected for health at check-in, and any dog that shows signs of injury or sickness may be required to provide a health certificate before being admitted. Families with injured dogs that are healthy enough to participate should secure a certificate signed by their veterinarian not longer than seven days prior to the show. Sick dogs should stay home.

The Dog Project ID and Vaccination Verification  form is available using the navigation below:


Questions about the form may be directed to Kathryn Reeves.

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