4-H Dog Rulebooks Available Back »

All four areas of the 4-H Dog program have rulebooks, which are available on-line. Now is a great time to review the rules for the different events and to set goals for achievement during the upcoming season. Leaders, members and parents will find these resources a must have during training, fun shows and competitive events.

Obedience covers the tradition obedience events, where the dog heels, sits and stays on command, then moves up to jumps and retrieves exercises. Rally is an obedience event where the team walks a course with a variety of obedience skills that they demonstrate to the judge. Rally is a little more relaxed than the tradition obedience exercise. Agility is the athletic event where dogs run an obstacle course and are judged for accuracy and speed. Showmanship is the event where the owner is actually judged on their ability to prepare and present their dog.


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