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Many youth dream of working with pets as a career, mostly as veterinarians. However, there are a wide variety of careers available for those who love companion animals, and most of them do not require eight years of college, as the DVM does. Extension’s nationwide resource network contains not only a listing, but descriptions of 28 career possibilities, listed by education requirement. Each career option includes an interview with a person working in that field.

Each profile includes information on the person’s education and experience, as well as answering questions about the favorite and least favorite components of the job, a special story or experience the individual had in that job, and recommendations for those interested in a similar career. These profiles are a great resource for students considering career options, and a great way for 4-H Dog Project leaders to “stay in touch” with students during the non-training months this winter.

The full profiles can be viewed on the eXtension website.

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