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While we all anxiously await the completion of the 4-H Dog Showmanship Rulebook, we can utilize materials shared by other 4-H groups across the country. While the Oregon State University 4-H dog program is not identical to South Dakota, Extension staff member Jeremy Green does a great job of hitting the important elements of showmanship that will help anyone wishing for something to study in between 4-H dog project meetings.

In this timely video, he works through five of the important components of the showmanship competition: Stacking, gaiting, individual examination, ring patterns, and knowledge about dogs and responsible dog ownership.

A YouTube search will also provide a wide variety of examples of showmanship, both of the 4-H variety and dog organizations such as AKC. Viewing these videos can be an excellent way to sharpen skills of observation, and to pick up techniques for specific breeds. As always, discuss techniques viewed on YouTube with the 4-H Dog project leader, and review them against the information in the 4-H Dog Project Showmanship Guide when it comes out in the near future.

Video: 4-H Dog Showmanship

Video courtesy of Crook4h.

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