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This article was written by Megan Nielson, former 4-H Youth Livestock Field Specialist.

With the success of the Beef, Sheep, and Swine Skill-a-thon at the South Dakota State Fair, in 2013 there will also be a Goat Skill-a-thon! Youth who are in or would like to learn more about the meat and dairy goat industry are encouraged to participate in this free event at the South Dakota State Fair on Saturday, August 31, 2013 from 5-8 p.m. Kids can show off their skills in livestock production by completing hands on management tasks and using their decision making skills to solve industry scenarios.

To help get kids prepared, here is just a sample of what you might find at this year’s Goat Skill-a-thon. Test your goat breed knowledge by matching these breed pictures to their breed descriptions. Click on the picture to reveal the answer!

Goat Breed Descriptions

  1. Originating from Turkey, this breed is raised for mohair, or fiber, from their fleece.
  2. This is not a breed but a type of goat that produces a fine underdown fleece.
  3. Meat breed originally from South Africa that gets its name from Dutch heritage meaning “farmer”.
  4. New Zealand meat-producing breed that is very hardy and adaptable to range living.
  5. Only dairy goat breed developed in the U.S and known for their very small ears.
  6. Also known as Fainting Goat for their muscle condition that causes temporary muscle stiffness when they are startled.
  7. Developed in England, this large breed, with a roman nose, is the heaviest muscled dairy breed.
  8. From the French Cameroon area of western Africa, this breed was originally called the Cameroon Dwarf Goat and is known for their “agouti” coat color.
  9. “Queen of the Dairy Goats” this breed is the largest framed dairy breed that has the highest milk production.
  10. The smallest of the dairy breeds, they originated in Switzerland and have a light fawn to chocolate color with white markings.
  11. This descendent from Spanish goats are from the Pacific Coast islands and were raised primarily for meat production.
  12. Medium size goat from the Brienzer region of Switzerland was originally part of the Alpine registry until it was recognized in 1979 by the ADGA as its own breed.
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