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This article was written by Megan Nielson, former 4-H Youth Livestock Field Specialist.

New opportunities for kids in the 4-H Horse Project have been developed and are included in the updated version of the South Dakota 4-H Horse Project Show Guide now available on iGrow! The new 4-H Horse Advisory Council took into consideration the suggestions that were made in the 2013 State 4-H Horse Show Survey and added more events for beginners while also aligning State Youth-in-Action contests with national standards. Promoting the use of miniature horses within western showmanship for all age divisions were also incorporated into class names. Here is a quick list of some of the areas of the new show guide that were updated.

New to the State 4-H Horse Show:

  • Beginner English Showmanship
  • Beginner Flag Racing
  • Option to use a rope gate at State 4-H Horse Show Qualification Events
  • State 4-H Horse Public Speaking Contest Rules & Scoring
  • State 4-H Horse Demonstration Contest Individual & Team Rules & Scoring

Updated sections include:

  • Award System
  • Exhibitor Attire
  • Fresh look to show patterns and graphic images
  • New Finals Patterns
  • State 4-H Horse Youth-in-Action Team Formation Rules & Awards

Horse ownership was also corrected to incorporate “managing control” of the youth’s horse project. “Managing control” means overseeing proper feeding, grooming, exercising, training and stall management, and the member must have free access to the use of the horse at all times. 4-H members are also encouraged to register as many horses as they wish, however, only two horses may be used for qualification for and during the State 4-H Horse Show. In cases of emergency or extenuating circumstance, members who qualify for State 4-H Horse Show may exhibit any horse listed on the member’s Horse Form 1 during the current 4-H year. The youth may continue to own the horse in partnership with other family member(s) of his or her immediate family, or lease for use as a 4-H project.

These are just some of the new things you will find in the updated Horse Show Guide. This is not a complete list of every change that was made. Please review all sections that pertain to your area before participating this year within your county or state 4-H horse show.

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