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eXtension provides a nationwide network of interactive resources compiled from all 50 land grant universities. Included in these resources are a series of webinars for companion animal 4-H projects. Ohio State University provided this webinar discussing the best practices on how to handle reactive dogs and how to employ positive training methods to get the results desired.

Dr. Lucinda B. Miller leads the companion animal science program for Ohio 4-H, and is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She also provides leadership for 4-H Pet PALS, a volunteer leader-directed animal-assisted activities program linking youth and their pets with senior adults. Dr. Miller combines 4-H youth development practices with positive training skills, and discusses methods volunteers can use to teach youth how to properly train their dogs.

The Companion Animal Webinar is approximately 40 minutes in length. Volunteers can use it as a refresher of the essential elements of youth development in context with the dog project, gain some new ideas for training games and techniques, or even assign it as homework for their 4-H dog project parents. The second half of the webinar describes the 4-H dog opportunities available in Ohio; many have possible local or regional applications.

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