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Written by Sheila Snyder, former SDSU Extension Operation: Military Kids State Coordinator.

In 1986, then Secretary of Defense, Casper W. Weinberger designated the month of April as a time to recognize and honor military children for their many sacrifices and struggles, as well as their countless contributions to our nation. Here in South Dakota, our Governor signs an Executive Proclamation, proclaiming this month as Month of the Military Child. In communities all across our state, special activities are held to honor and celebrate military kids. One of these special activities is called Purple Up! For Military Kids Day which will be held on April 15th. OMK is inviting everyone to participate by wearing something “Purple” on this date as a way to give a tangible salute to these young heroes. It is OMK’s hope that everyone will take this opportunity to show our military kids how much we appreciate them. Be creative….the goal is for military youth to actually see the support of their community! However, you don’t have to just wear purple. You can create other activities too.

Need some ideas to get you started?

  • Invite news and media outlets to write a story about Purple Up! For Military Kids Day in your community
  • Post a Purple Up! message on your community and school signs
  • Have a pizza party and invite others to come and help you honor the military kids in your community
  • Sell Purple Ice Cream or other purple food on April 15th
  • Make Purple Up! stickers for kids to wear on April 15th
  • Talk about military heroes and have other kids share about their family members who are or who have been in the military
  • Have everyone wear Purple ribbons on April 15th
  • Have a Soldier or other military member read a military story to your kids at your library
  • Make purple bubbles and celebrate with the bubbles

Get thinking….Be creative….many more ideas will work! Thanks for making this a special day!

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