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Mentoring Program Begins: 4H Youth & Families with Promise

Take a moment to think about someone who had an impact on your life. Someone who supported you during a difficult time or provided guidance as you learned a new skill. Who was this person? A parent? A teacher? A coach? A 4H Adviser? A friendly neighbor? Regardless of who assisted you, or what support they provided, you likely feel a deep appreciation for that relationship.

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Get Ready to Purple Up!

Once again, Operation: Military Kids (OMK) is reaching out to communities throughout South Dakota to help raise awareness of our military families and kids, during April, which has been designated as Month of the Military Child. This month long celebration of our brave military kids, began way back in the early 1980’s as a way to thank, honor, and recognize their contributions to our country as a member of a military family.

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Resilience and Military Kids

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a very informative training, paid for and presented by The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC.) The purpose of the training, entitled “Supporting Military Children through School Transitions: Foundations” was to assist and prepare educators and other professionals to recognize and address transition concerns that impact military children.

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