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Written by Sheila Snyder, former SDSU Extension Operation: Military Kids State Coordinator.

After a study was conducted in 2011, by the (ISC)² ® Global Information Security Workforce, it was discovered that for the first time ever, that more cyber security workers are needed and there are not enough personnel available to fill these openings. The ability to fill these positions is being hampered because there are not enough trained certified workers available.  Another study undertaken in 2013 showed that the top 5 skill sets lacking in our Global Information Security Workforce are: security analyst, security engineer with skills in planning/design or application, security auditor, and security architect. With the drawdown in the number of military personnel being deployed, the ISC recognizes that there are United States Military veterans who are returning to the civilian workforce and are looking for gainful employment.  These veterans provide a viable and valuable group of “motivated, intelligent professionals with a solid work ethic” according to the ISC that would be a great fit for these positions. However, even though this possibility of employment exists, veterans will still need to be trained and will need assistance in being placed into available jobs, as part of their easing into a noncombatant citizen workforce.

According to the ISC Foundation, assistance is available through the U.S.A. Cyber Warrior Scholarship.  This scholarship provides underwriting for training, textbooks, phone application-enabled study materials, certification testing and placement of qualified* returning veterans who served in the United States Military. This program will focus on six (ISC)² certifications: SSCP®, CISSP®, CAP®, CCFPSM, HCISPPSM, and CSSLP®.

If you or someone you know is interested in looking into a security related career, and interested in applying for a scholarship, please have them visit the U.S.A. Cyber Warrior Scholarship website.

Hurry though, as the deadline for application is August 1st!

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