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About 4-H Youth Council

The South Dakota 4-H Youth Council in South Dakota has a long and rich history. This program is a great leadership opportunity for youth ages 15 – 18. By applying to become a member of the State 4-H Youth Council team, you will participate in an interview during Teen Leadership Conference. If you can’t attend TLC and still want to interview for Youth Council please contact Audrey Rider (see info below) and work out further details.

If chosen to be a member of the State 4-H Youth Council team, you will accept up to a three-year term and are responsible for attending meetings and events across the state. Your role as a State 4-H Youth Council member is to provide leadership opportunities to youth throughout South Dakota. See application information below for further details. Applications are due June 3, 2016.

How to Apply

To apply, for the 2016 SD 4-H Youth Council, submit the following materials to the State 4-H Office by June 3, 2016.

  • Résumé: one page, typed with a one-inch margin using 12 font size including:
    • Name, address, county, home phone and e-mail address
    • Leadership and teamwork opportunities you have experienced, including your specific responsibilities
    • Significant awards, medals, or recognitions received, including the year
    • Knowledge and skills learned through 4-H and other activities
  • Cover letter: one page, typed with one-inch margins using 12 font size including:
    • Reason for wanting to become a member of the State 4-H Youth Council team
    • One paragraph of what you would bring to the State 4-H Youth Council team
    • One paragraph on your plan of action for leadership development and teamwork if chosen to be on Youth Council
  • Three letters of recommendation (from non-relatives)

Mail application packet to:

State 4-H Office
c/o SD 4-H Youth Council
South Dakota State University
128 Berg Agricultural Hall (SAG), Box 2207E
Brookings, SD 57007-2097


Questions can be directed to Audrey Rider.

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