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What do you get when you put a video camera + character together? A leadership opportunity to video the change you want to see in the world. Plus, the opportunity to win a Free TLC Registration.

What change would you like to see?

No matter where you look in today’s world or even in your local community, I’m sure there are situations you would like to be different or improved. Often times for these situations, you may hear or even say yourself: I wish they would do this or they would do that to improve the situation.

Each of us makes hundreds of decisions every day, from do I want breakfast today, to others that are more complex that impact our friends, families, jobs and communities. Sometimes, one single choice not only will change our own life but will impact and change many other lives. Each of us has two choices in life:

  1. To accept situations as they exist or
  2. Accept the responsibility for changing them.

Mahatma Gandhi stated it this way, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

How can you help?

You might be asking yourself, how can I change world hunger or solve world peace? While solving the world’s issues would be a daunting task, resolving local issues will be less tasking. For example: Helping start a local food drive will not eliminate world hunger but it will sure help the people in your corner of the world not go to bed hungry; or being kind to everyone you meet may not solve world peace, but your part of the world will be peaceful. So as you can see, YOU can Be the Change.

Every day you see situations you wished someone would change in the world. The change you want to see in the world begins with YOU! Be the Change you want to see in the world by learning how to make ethical decisions. Then, teach and share your learnings to your friends, families and work associates with the video you create to have a better family, school, community and world.

Be the Change: Ethical Decision Making Video Contest

Be the Change, Ethical Decision Making Video, is for SD 4-H Members, ages 13 – 19 years old. Be the Change, winning videos will be shown at TLC in June 2016.

Four prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st Place – 1 TLC Registration 100% Free
  • 2nd Place –1 TLC Registration reduced 75%
  • 3rd Place – 1 TLC Registration reduced 50%
  • 4th Place – 1 TLC Registration reduced 25%

Kat Edmonson, American singer, songwriter has written a song entitled, “Be the Change.” To help inspire you watch the Be the Change music video.


View the Be the Change, Ethical Decision Making Video registration form for participation criteria and more information.

For more information contact Karelyn Farrand, SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Character Education Field Specialist.

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