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This article was written collaboratively by Audra Scheel and Paula Linke.

Over time, things become outdated, dysfunctional and broken and this was the case with the 4-H display units used during Sanborn County’s Achievement Days. Members of Sanborn County 4-H met on December 23, 2013, for a community service project to build new 4-H static exhibit display units.

Stacey and Kim Eddy came up with a design for a new display unit that would show off 4-H exhibits and fold for easy storage. Their son, Tyler, built a display unit under their guidance and exhibited it at Achievement Days in 2013. This unit was also used to display static exhibits from other 4-H members during Achievement Days and at the State Fair. Tyler donated his unit to the Sanborn 4-H Building for future use.

The Sanborn County 4-H Leaders successfully applied for a $500 grant through the Modern Woodmen of America “Good Neighbors Program” that could be used towards a capital project that benefits an individual in need or a non-profit community organization, with volunteer labor completing the project. The Sanborn County 4-H Leaders approved the construction of four more of the display units, with the leaders association covering the cost and 4-H members providing the labor.

Thirteen 4-H members worked together under the guidance of the Eddy family to build the additional units. The units are 4’ x 8’ in size and feature a display area on two sides. Exhibits can be displayed on shelves or hooks that attach to the side panels. Wood science is a project area in 4-H and getting the opportunity to take on a project of this size is one that lends itself toward new interests and possible career paths. This was a valuable learning experience for the youth involved.

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