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The early October storm has had a dramatic impact on Western South Dakota. Livestock producers are faced with years worth of work to rebuild what has been lost. National Guard troops and utility companies have worked tirelessly to restore power. Local middle school students will finish the rest of the year in temporary buildings due to a collapsed roof.

As recovery efforts continue, I am hoping to collect kind works, thoughts or prayers from youth around the country. The support and encouragement will be shared with families, producers and surrounding communities.

Kind wishes can be written on a postcard, notecard, card, post-it, scrap piece of paper or whatever the kids can get their hands on. They can also be e-mailed to me to be printed in my office. Although words can’t bring the livestock back to life, the written word can inspire hope in our hearts.

Cards can be addressed and mailed to my office at:

Meade County 4-H
1300 Sherman Street
Sturgis, SD 57785

Or emailed to me

Update: So far, support has been received from 14 states and 4 different countries! Copies of some of the cards and emails that have been received will be posted to this page next week.

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