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    Knowing When Pets Are Getting Too Hot: What to do about it?

    This week’s intense heat wave has many people reminding themselves about how to keep themselves safe from the heat and humidity – but people should consider those measures for their pets as well. Heat stress signs serve as an alert to animal owners that their pet’s body is working hard to cool itself down, and that more severe problems – such as heat stroke - may result if help is not provided.

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    South Dakota 4-H Participates at Big Sioux Water Festival

    SDSU Extension and South Dakota 4-H participated in the 24th annual Big Sioux Water Festival on the campus of SDSU, May 10. Students from area schools were engaged in many area of the festival. The festival is a one day water themed event where youth can apply their knowledge of water education they have learned in their classrooms.

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    Welcome to the State Shoot

    Final preparations are underway to welcome 4-H shooters from across the state to one of the largest youth shooting events in the nation. Over 2500 qualifying scores have been posted, and there’s an excellent chance we may see several perfect scores this year! An event of this size can be overwhelming to first time attendees, so here are a few tips to help ease the fear of the unknown.

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    State Shoot Preparation: Archery

    Attending the State 4-H Shoot is an exhilarating and sometimes scary experience, because it is such a large event. The first time you walk through the door, you may feel intimidated; just take a deep breath, and put on a smile, because you will soon be meeting some very friendly folks! Each archery age group has its own range in the EXPO Building. If you are unsure you are on the correct range, just ask, someone will be happy to direct you.

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    4-H Photographer Bids

    SDSU Extension and South Dakota State 4-H is opening bids for photographers for our Livestock and Youth-in-Action competitions at South Dakota State Fair and South Dakota State 4-H Horse Show. Photographers must release photographs to SDSU Extension for use online as well as in print. A shot list will be provided and youth’s information must be entered by the photographer when pictures are taken.

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    SD 4-H Teens As Teachers Summer Program

    This summer 4-H members in teams of sophomores, juniors or seniors (from 2015-16 school year) in high school along with a supportive adult mentor now have the opportunity to bring the popular SD 4-H Teens as Teachers program to their community! Teenaged youth participating in this program will make a difference in their communities while teaching others, deepen their own learning, and will be supported by caring adults to empower them.

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    Apply for the National 4-H Conference Trip

    Members of the South Dakota 4-H Program, have the opportunity to apply for National 4-H Conference scheduled for April 9-14, 2016, in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Youth must be 16 – 18 years old by the date of the event to apply. Applicants should submit their applications to their local 4-H Youth Program Advisor.

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    Engineering Spotlight: Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

    Materials engineers develop, process, and test materials that can be used to create a wide range of products. These products can be used everywhere from the medical industry to the grocery store. Metallurgical engineers focus on the development of metals. They work with every stage of the metal making process: extraction, refining, and recycling while solving issues of corrosion and product strength.

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    4 H’s of Engineering

    4-H is at the forefront of programs that provide opportunities for youth to partake in experiential and inquiry-based learning. When a spirit of innovation, creativity, and curiosity is added to this, you have an ideal setting for engineering education. Not only does that structure of 4-H lend to an ideal setting for engineering education, but engineering lends well to the 4 H’s of youth development.

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    Planning Early for Careers in Science

    For several years, there has been a push for science education. National 4-H launched a campaign to train a million new young scientists by 2013. New programs, camps and out-of-school opportunities started all over the country, and not just for high school students. Companies such as Lego Education created new kits and curriculum to engage youth as young as kindergarten in things like wind power and simple machines. Engineering and math activities became central to many of these programs. Why so many, and why so young?

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    4-H Shooting Sports Scholarships Available

    The South Dakota 4-H Shooting Sports Scholarship deadline is April 1, 2016. To be considered, the student must have participated in South Dakota’s 4-H shooting sports program for a minimum of three years, and be either a high school senior or college freshman with a minimum 2.5 GPA. The South Dakota shooting sports program will disburse a minimum of two $500 scholarships. In 2015, four scholarships were awarded, totaling $2500.

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    2016 Shooting Sports: Qualification Matches

    The 2016 Shooting Sports season opens for most counties on January 3. Qualifying for the State Shoot in April is high on the list of goals for the year. Here is the 2016 listing of Match entry deadlines, courses of fire, and required qualification scores to be eligible for the State Shoot held in Ft. Pierre April 22-24. All entries and bills are processed using the shooting sports management software.

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    Shooting Sports Instructor Certification Dates Announced

    4-H shooting sports instructors complete over 15 hours of training before they are certified. This investment of time proves beneficial to the adults receiving training as well as the youth they eventually coach.  The journey to certification begins at the local county 4-H office, where volunteer screening applications are completed. Next, the volunteer may select from a variety of disciplines along with the required youth development component.

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    Current Shooting Sports Opportunities

    The 2015 summer Shooting Sports season continues. Qualifying for the State Shoot in September is high on the list of goals for the year. Here is the 2015 listing of Match entry deadlines, courses of fire, and required qualification scores to be eligible for the State Shoot to be held in Mitchell September 12-13. All entries and bills are processed using the shooting sports management software.

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    Position Medals Awarded for 4-H Rifle Shooters

    Position Medals are being awarded to youth with the top score in their age division during the recent State 4-H Shoot. The BB Gun division had over 600 participants. Beginner Mya Dissing of Minnehaha County earned both the Standing and Kneeling medals, while Rylie Stoeser of Hughes County took Sitting. Prone was shared by Luke Jones of Stanley and Nicolette Hoffman of Douglas.

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