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Written by Hilary Rossow (former SDSU Extension State 4-H Animal Projects Coordinator).

The deadline for submitting Ownership Verification Affidavits (OVA), Horse Forms, Dog Forms, and YPQA+ Certification is June 1. As this date approaches, the State 4-H Office wants to remind you of some key points to keep in mind when completing these forms.

Completing Your Forms

Be thorough.
The entire individual animal identifier is needed on OVAs and on 4-H Online. The last few numbers of tags, tattoos, and registration numbers are not acceptable. Please include the entire number/letter combination when completing forms and entering animals.

Be accurate.
Ensure all information entered for animals and exhibitors is accurate. Double check all identification numbers, birthdates, breeds, gender, and registration numbers.

Register all animals, including backups.
Enter every horse or dog that could be exhibited at the State Shows. If your animal becomes sick, injured, or otherwise unable to show, the replacement animal needs to be on the respective form and in 4-H Online prior to June 1.

Registration Considerations

Animal Registration Papers
Registration papers are due August 1 or the first day of your county’s Achievement Days for Breeding Beef, Market Beef, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, Breeding Sheep, and Market Swine.

  • Registration papers must show the exhibitor or exhibitor’s family as the owner OR
  • A lease agreement must be on file if registration papers do not show ownership by the exhibitor or exhibitor’s family. AND
  • The complete registration number, matching tattoo or other permanent ID must match the registration papers and animal’s information on 4-H Online.
  • If any of the above are not in compliance, the animal will not be eligible to show at the South Dakota State Fair.

OVA Breed Listings
Animals must be exhibited at the State Fair in the corresponding breed lot indicated on the OVA. Registration papers must be on file and presented at the division’s check-in for breeding and market beef, breeding sheep, swine, dairy goats, and dairy cattle. If registration papers cannot be produced for the breed listed on the OVA, the animal will be ineligible to show.

Market Sheep Classification
Youth and their families are asked to make their best guesses for the breed classification of market sheep on OVAs. Lambs will not be disqualified if they are classified differently than that listed on the OVA.

Youth in Action Exhibits
August 20 is the last day to enter exhibits and Youth in Action contests at the State Fair. After this date, no changes may be made to entries. Accuracy of animal identification, breed, gender, and birthdates is very important as any animal with missing or incorrect information will not be allowed to show at the State Fair.

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