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Hopefully by now you have heard about the Grow True Leaders campaign. If you haven’t, check out the 4-H Grows Here Campaign article on iGrow to discover how to Shout, Share and Support Grow True Leaders. In order for the statewide program to feature our #TrueLeaders we need your help to highlight #TrueLeaders from across the state.

Join the effort!

Compose a post on social media sharing how 4-Hers are succeeding in everyday activities. Whether someone went out of his or her way to help someone else, reached an academic goal, or lead a large project in the community, we want to hear about it! Share the story and a fun picture on social media using the hashtags #TrueLeaders and #SD4H.

Our goal is to share the 4-H message across every form of social media from Facebook to Twitter and even Instagram. The best posts may even potentially be highlighted on state social media platforms. By sharing your story or example, you help extend our reach and inform the general public how 4-H youth are impacting communities and making a positive difference across the state.

Lend your voice!

With your help and participation, we can come together and provide a unified voice to Shout the impact of 4-H members and how they are #TrueLeaders. This not only will provide recognition for youth, but also promote 4-H in our communities to parents, alumni and supporters.

Use the life-changing impact 4-H makes as a starting point to share your version of the story. Make 4-H go viral, and empower youth to put their voices into action. Shout how 4-H is growing another generation of #TrueLeaders.

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