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South Dakota 4-H is the youth development program for SDSU Extension. Through 4-H’s educational mission, we help youth learn by experiential learning while developing life skills. 4-H helps youth become responsible citizens who lead healthy and productive lives.

4-H is a unique organization as it is the only youth development organization with oversight and sponsorship by the United State Department of Agriculture, through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, with the 4-H National Headquarters. The federal government partners with the land-grant university within each state. In South Dakota, that is South Dakota State University. SDSU Extension administers the 4-H program in cooperation with local extension offices.


As SDSU Extension delivers on its mission and moves toward intentional stewardship of the 4-H youth development program, a strategic plan will help achieve these benefits for the organization:

  • Maximizing relationships and minimizing conflicts of the various stakeholders involved in the 4-H Program
  • Staying focused to maximize 4-H youth development outcomes over the next five years
  • Making best use of the organization’s resources
  • Reinforcing decisions that are made using the lens of the Strategic Futures Report
  • Helping the organization be sustainable to be able to positively impact the lives of young people

 SDSU Extension 4-H Strategic Futures Executive Summary

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