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What does a Civil Engineer do?

Civil engineers are those that work with built environments. This includes but is not limited to roads, bridges, buildings, and water and air systems.

Some highlighted specialty areas include:

  • Transportation: Transportation engineers work with infrastructure responsible for transporting people and goods efficiently and safely.  They work with the design, construction, and maintenance of streets, highways, rail systems, airports, mass transit, and much more.
  • Structural: Structural engineering encompasses the design and analysis of structures such as buildings, bridges, towers, etc.  The engineers that work in this field ensure that structures can withstand environmental changes (temperature, wind, rain, etc.) as well as the user loads
  • Environmental: These engineers play an important role of ensuring our health and safety. They work with hazardous waste management and environmental remediation to ensure that we have clean air and water.

Where do they work?

Civil engineers can be found in almost every industry from aerospace to construction.

Who are they?

Civil Engineers come from a variety of different backgrounds and from numerous locations across the globe.  Let’s take a moment to meet some from right here in South Dakota:

More Information

For more information on Civil Engineering explore:

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