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Across the state of South Dakota 4-H reaches every county. Accompanied by the 4-H program are Promotion and Expansion Committees or also, known as, P&E Committees. These committees are utilized to explore innovative strategies the 4-H program can continue to expand to new audiences. Another objective includes strengthening 4-H opportunities for youth on a local level.

P&E Committees are comprised of community members that fall into the audiences of: 4-H associated adults, 4-H associated youth, non-4-H associated adults, and non-4-H associated youth. This allows for the perfect equal combination of an inside perspective and an outside perspective voice to be heard. As society is ever changing consider being a part of pioneering an inventive community where knowledge, creative ideas, and success stories are shared so that others may benefit in the pursuit of personal development. Meetings are held two to three times per year and member term lengths last one to two years.

These committees are essential in ensuring the 4-H legacy of positive youth development will continue. For more information on how to get involved, contact your local SDSU Extension Office.

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