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National Volunteer e-forum sessions were held throughout the country in October, November, and December. A few counties in South Dakota hosted the live webinars. I know many could not attend due to the time of the webinars and other events planned. This article has a link to all the webinar resources you can use from each of the sessions. If you are interested in watching a recording of the webinars, contact your local SDSU Extension office and they can send you a direct link as well.

Accessing the Resources

To access the resources, visit the 4-H Professional and Volunteer Development website. Once there, you will need to sign up and then login to volunteer development and volunteer e-forum to see a list of all the resources.

Featured Resources

  • Cultivating an Environment for Growing True Leaders
    Creating an environment where 4-H members feel safe as they grow and develop leadership skills means having volunteers who understand the basics of positive youth development. This session featured ideas and activities to help foster life skill development by focusing on strategies for more effective club interactions.
  • “STEM”ming into Animal Science, Growing True Leaders
    Build on the roots of 4-H as we STEM our way into agriculture and animal science for experienced and new 4-H’ers. Incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through traditional animal sciences project areas in communities. This resource packet has ideas for planning and organizing fun, educational sessions for youth.
  • Helping 4-H’ers Grow in Life & Work
    In 4-H, all youth can explore their future. Club meetings, events, camps, and after-school programs are places to develop life skills and expand their interests through 4-H. These resources will help youth focus on life-long learning, workforce readiness, and career exploration.
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