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The new 4-H year started October 1st and with that all 4-H members and volunteers need to re-enroll in 4-H Online and pay the volunteer renewal fee of $10 to your local SDSU Extension county office. If you are a new volunteer, you must download and fill out the Volunteer Work Agreement Form and submit it your local SDSU Extension county office. You will then be sent an email from HireRight to complete your background check.

New Volunteers

Steps in the volunteer work agreement process:

  1. The 4-H Volunteer Work Agreement Form and cost recovery fee ($10 annual minimum) are submitted to the SDSU Extension county office.
  2. The SDSU Extension county office sends all forms and ONE check, combining all cost recovery fees, to the State 4-H Office in Brookings.
  3. The State 4-H Office processes forms and then transfers them to SDSU Human Resources.
  4. SDSU Human Resources processes the forms by creating an ID in the University system (also known as “a Banner ID”). This process initiates an electronic release form sent from HireRight to the Volunteer via email (HireRight performs criminal background checks as a service to SDSU).
  5. Once the background check is completed, the State 4-H Office accepts and/or denies applicants appropriately in 4HOnline.

For more information on volunteer development and volunteer resources contact Audrey Rider.

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