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New Partnerships Make the Best Better for Youth

The 2013-2014 4-H year in Brookings County marked the birth year of the Helping Hands 4-H Club of the Brookings Boy and Girls Club. Their inaugural year, facilitated by Brookings County 4-H Youth Program Advisor Sonia Mack, included over twenty members; ten of which exhibited over forty projects at the Brookings County 4-H Achievement Days and nine of them sending exhibits on to the 4-H Division of the South Dakota State Fair.

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Volunteerism: Teaching Youth about Why We Do It

The buzz words of volunteering often focus around terms such as: service Learning, advocacy, and mentoring. However, if you were to ask many youth today as to why we volunteer, their quick response is usually “to help people in need”. That is a correct response, however; what is the definition of a “need”, how are they determined and why do we do it?

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Youth Exchanges: Go International!

State and County Exchange programs are a series of learning experiences in which individuals from a club, community or county visit in the homes/communities of 4-H members in another geographical area, and are visited by them in return. Counties usually host a group one year and return to visit the homes/communities of their guests the following year.

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Community Learning Models: Creating Partnerships for Youth Success

We often ask ourselves: How we can create a strong foundation for youth development? What should the structure look like? How should it operate? How should it be maintained? What is the best stimulation for growth? 4-H offers youth and communities an opportunity to address all of these questions through Youth and Community Learning Partnerships.

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4-H Project Planning:  Part I

As the 4-H year draws to an end, it is time to start contemplating plans for the upcoming year.  School is in session, fall sports have begun and the sudden question of “Where do we go from here” begins.  The answer to the question is simple.  It is goal development time.  What is it that you want to achieve in the upcoming 4-H year?  And most importantly, how are you going to make it happen?

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