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Welcome to iGrow 4-H! On behalf of the South Dakota State University Collegiate 4-H Club and the North-Central Region Colligate 4-H, I welcome you. As active president I am extending an invitation out to all the seniors in High school who are attending SDSU this fall, or falls to come. I also invite you and your families to join us at the Collegiate 4-H Snack Stand at the 2011 SD State Fair, we are located just south-east of the armory and are your headquarters for ice cream, walking tacos and smiling faces.  If you’re interested in growing yourself as an individual, building your resume, enhancing your community service and growing your network base, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you have any questions or if you’d like to join our club, please e-mail me. 

Good luck this year and we hope to see you at State Fair!

Andrew Jensen
Active SDSU Collegiate 4-H President

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