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SDSU Extension has an obligation to ensure the safety of the youth it serves. This obligation also extends to the volunteers who deliver or assist in the delivery of educational programs. SDSU Extension takes this obligation seriously and developed a process to help ensure the safety of our youth and other vulnerable audiences.

The total application process includes:

  • Submitting the Volunteer Enrollment Form (Youth Protection Standards document)
  • Participating in a criminal background check
  • Annual training

Each category of volunteer has different levels of requirements for participation. The cost recovery fee is currently $10 and applies only to High Responsibility Volunteers.

Applications and any applicable fees must be submitted to the local Extension office annually. The background check that is completed is done specifically for 4-H. Having a background check completed through another organization will not meet the requirements for participation in SDSU Extension Volunteer activities. The Volunteer Enrollment process and applicable background checks will be completed annually. Please click on the Youth Protection Standards document in the resource library to print off the needed forms. 

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