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Outdoor Activity Safety: Ice Thickness

With the recent cold weather, thoughts turn to ice fishing and other outdoor activities associated with winter, such as ice skating and cross country skiing. Outdoor activities are a healthy way to enjoy Mother Nature and her bounty. If some precautions are followed ice fishing and ice-skating can be a safe and relaxing activity. These activities may be great ways to fill some of the time off from school during the holiday season.

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Beat the Heat: ‘Cool’ Activities for Youth and Families

Camping, swimming, softball, picnics, and family vacations are just some of the activities that families look forward to during the summer. These events provide opportunities for exercise as well as family bonding. While summer is often the prime time for outdoor activities, in extreme heat, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

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Stress Management Techniques for Youth

When one family member experiences stress, all members are affected. Family stress can be related to multiple factors such as financial struggles, mental health issues, or communication difficulties. These issues may be intensified during environmental phenomenon such as the current drought conditions across South Dakota. Although youth may experience stress related to the drought indirectly through their parents, the development of positive coping strategies among youth can reduce their personal stress while also decreasing the strain felt by other family members.

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Importance of Good Record Keeping: The Science & Engineering Notebook

The 4-H motto is ‘learn by doing’; but ‘doing’ includes so much more than just a once and done activity. Doing refers to the full process of completing a project – experiencing, sharing, understanding, relating, applying, recording, and reflecting. The act of recording in a notebook offers yet another layer of learning by providing an opportunity to reflect on what was done, what was learned, and engage youth in thinking about what’s next.

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