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Kylee Mogen, 4-H Youth Council Member

Name: Kylee Mogen

Age/Grade: Age 16, Grade 11

Years in 4-H: 6 years

How many years have you been on youth council?

This is my first year on Youth Council.

Why did you decide to join youth council?

I love engaging with people and encouraging them to make the best better. 4-H has given me confidence, knowledge, and skills that I use every day. By becoming a part of the South Dakota 4-H Youth Council I can share ideas and find ways to help youth across the state become more confident, active in their community, and develop good character. Joining Youth Council has always been a dream of mine as a 4-H member.

What is something you are looking forward to with youth council this year?

As part of 4-H youth council and the promotion committee, my goal is to make sure every youth in South Dakota gets to experience the life changing opportunities 4-H offers. This year I am looking forward to Teen Leadership Conference, we have a theme that will challenge youth and help them overcome their fears through workshops and be inspired by keynote speakers.

What is your favorite 4-H project area? Why?

Public Presentation; in this project area youth get to share their knowledge about something in which they are passionate about along with expressing themselves. I had a great time assisting with public presentations at state fair and learning about what other 4-H youth are up too in our state. Youth gain skills in this project area that will help them throughout life from researching and organizing information to having conversations and speaking in front of large crowds. Because of going to public presentation workshops and gaining experience, I was better prepared speaking at the White House in D.C about the health impacts of methane emissions.  I have presented many speeches and love finding new ways to interact the listeners in my speech to make them feel included.

Why should 4-H members join youth council?

Youth Council is an opportunity to make a difference and be a voice in South Dakota’s 4-H program. It’s a way of giving back to other 4-H youth, what 4-H has given to you. Through youth council, we can give back by serving in our communities with our statewide 4-H community service project “Blanket Buddies” and also planning, and organizing events including teen leadership conference and helping at state fair. On Youth Council you will make lifelong friends, and become better leaders of tomorrow.

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