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Mary-Katherine Schlichte, 4-H Youth Council Member

Name: Mary-Katherine Schlichte

Age/Grade: 17, Junior (11th Grade) at St. Thomas More High School

Years in 4-H: This is my 11th year in 4-H.

How many years have you been on youth council? This is my second year.

Why did you decide to join youth council?

I decided to join Youth Council because I wanted to expand my impact in 4-H. I was actively involved in my county, but Youth Council provided a perfect opportunity to broaden my 4-H experience to the state level. It would help me to use my passion for 4-H to help create statewide events, be a youth leader, and be in contact with other 4-H advisors to help strengthen and spread 4-H all around the state of South Dakota.

What is something you are looking forward to with youth council this year?

I am intently looking forward to the Teen Leadership Conference this year, as well as State Fair.  The Youth Council has worked very hard in creating a theme and an experience that attendees will not soon forget, as well as providing numerous opportunities to enhance citizenship, service, and leadership skills throughout the week, while having tons of fun! I am looking forward to State Fair also, for this is the first year I will be going as a Youth Council member. I cannot wait to help at all the events throughout State Fair, meet new people, and represent Youth Council.

What is your favorite 4-H project area? Why?

My favorite 4-H project is Leadership. This project area is most special to me because I love all that it teaches you. My passion for this project comes along with my passion to help others succeed and reach their goals. I am currently the president of my club, the Shamrock Riders, and a member of the Pennington County Junior Leaders, while also serving on the State 4-H Youth Council. Being a leader teaches you how to be a role model, and pushes you to be the best version of yourself for your club, community, country, and world.

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