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Name: Matthew Sperry

Age/Grade: 18, Senior (12th Grade)

Years in 4-H: 11 Years

Do you hold an officer position on youth council? If yes, what position? Yes, Super C

How many years have you been on youth council? Three

Why did you decide to join youth council?

I decided to join Youth Council because my father and my four older siblings have been members, so it’s become a family tradition. That also means that I had the opportunity to watch all of them grow in their leadership through Youth Council and I wanted to learn from the same amazing opportunities they had.

What is something you are looking forward to with youth council this year?

I am excited to see what the new officer team can accomplish with the unique skills they all bring to the table. I also hope to share with youth council as much as I can from my experiences as a past officer as they face similar challenges throughout the year and at TLC.

What is your favorite 4-H project area? Why?

My favorite 4-H project area is Videography. I have developed my skills with the entire video making process in ways I would have never imagined. I have been able to complete over 150 videos for a wide range of audiences. My workflow for the entire creative design process has vastly improved since I started wielding a camera as a 5 year old and even over the past 4 years since I invested in new equipment.

Why should 4-H members join youth council?

4-H members should join 4-H Youth Council because it’s truly an unparalleled experience. When I talk to classmates who are highly involved in other leadership organizations, they are always shocked to hear about the amazing opportunities only found through 4-H Youth Council. Organizing and leading a leadership conference for over 100 attendees, shadowing state legislators, and making best friends from across the state are extraordinary experiences that are commonplace for 4-H Council Members. All the while, we have an incredibly fun time.

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