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SDSU Dairy Science Department

Tracey Renelt is based in the SDSU Extension Watertown Regional Extension Center, serving dairy producers throughout the state. She brings significant dairy production experience to SDSU Extension, and throughout her career, she has served the South Dakota dairy industry in many capacities: SD DHIA Board Advisor, S.D. Dairy Fieldmen's Association Advisor, co-coordinator of the first Central Plains Dairy Expo, State 4H Dairy Cattle Show and Judging Contest Chairman, and presently she is serving as the S.D. Dairy Fieldmen's Association Secretary/Treasurer, on the Central Plains Dairy Expo Advisory Board, and has an integral role in the I-29 Dairy Expo.

SDSU Extension Watertown Regional Center
1910 W. Kemp Ave.
Watertown, SD 57201
Office: 605.882.5140 Email Photo


  • Dairy production, employee management, nutrition, and quality assurance.
  • B.S., Dairy Production and Dairy Manufacturing, South Dakota State University (1989)