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Field Studies: Blowing the whistle on marketing claims

With technology surrounding today’s culture, data and marketing information has become a key part of life. Farmers, especially have been targeted with large quantities of new technology created to generate more efficient farming systems promising easy real-time data access.

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Fall Frost/Freeze Dates 2017

Around this time of year, South Dakotans are expecting a hard frost to bring a conclusion to the growing season. Late September and early October are the average fall frost dates for most areas of the state, particularly in the Eastern Regions.

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Fall Climate Outlook 2017

Fall harvest season is upon us, although the corn and soybean crops are slow to mature and dry down this year. Corn in the East Central Region has been slow to progress this year, as it has been behind average on accumulating growing degree days throughout the late summer.

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Fall Noxious Weed Control

Fall weed control can give the best weed control but it also can be a poor time. If the noxious weeds were sprayed or clipped earlier this summer and there is good weed growth now, this would be a good time to spray these weeds and get a good kill.

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