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Wet and Cool October Ahead

On September 30, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released an update to the October climate outlook. For the Northern Plains, there are some substantial changes to the previous outlook that was issued a couple of weeks ago.

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Storage Mold: Precautions to Avoid Grain Spoilage During Storage

Harvesting of corn and soybean is underway and/or will soon be starting throughout the state. Growers need to be aware of storage mold which can spoil the grain during storage.

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Grain Storage: It Starts With Harvest

As producers prepare to fire up combines for the 2018 fall harvest, there is much concern about commodity prices and markets. Many producers realize that it will be difficult to sell soybeans for the foreseeable future and are making preparations to store this commodity for a number of months or possibly longer.

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Grain Storage: What Are My Options?

With harvest approaching or in progress in many areas of South Dakota, grain storage is becoming a top priority for some producers. Over the past year, low commodity prices have caused some farmers to hold over more grain than in previous years.

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Grain Storage: Climate Inside The Bin

According to the September 1st USDA NASS report, South Dakota is heading for bumper row crop production. The USDA NASS predicts the production of corn and soybean crops in South Dakota at a record high of 893 million and 277 million bushels, up 14% and 15% from last year respectively.

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Grain Storage: Do’s and Don’t’s

Fall is a very busy time on most grain farms in South Dakota. In the hustle and bustle of running the combine, hauling grain, and storing or selling a crop, it is easy to forget the importance of safety.

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