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What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management, more often referred to as IPM, is the concept of using multiple complimentary management strategies to maintain an insect pest population below an economic injury level or threshold (i.e., population that causes observable yield loss).

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Reducing Insecticide Exposure: Proper laundering of contaminated clothing

Exposure to insecticides can pose a serious health threat to the individuals working with insecticides along with their families. Families can be exposed to insecticides when contaminated work clothes are laundered at home.

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Prevent Insecticide Exposure: Choosing the right gloves

When handling insecticides it is important to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Insecticide labels provide the minimum PPE requirements that must be worn when handling containers, spraying, mixing, loading, or conducting maintenance on the sprayer.

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Ag Sustainability in High School Classrooms: Professional development training

In an effort to educate today’s youth about sustainable agriculture, SDSU Extension field specialists teamed up with educators from University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) and presented a four-hour training session for South Dakota high school teachers on January 5, 2018 at the SDSU Student Union.

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Big Yields & Tillage Debate

The discussion of grain yields and different tillage practices needs to start in producers’ fields. Grain yield comparisons and results from un-biased research are very important for making agronomic decisions that include tillage; however, producers need to put these practices to work in everyday situations across large acres to consider a practice worthy in modern agriculture.

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