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Written collaboratively by Adam Varenhorst, Amanda Bachmann, Philip Rozeboom, and Patrick Wagner.

Dakotafest 2018 is less than a month away (August 21 – 23), and SDSU Extension entomologists will be there again to answer any and all insect related questions. We will be located in the SDSU Extension tent on the Northwest side of the grounds with insect displays and a lot of helpful handouts regarding major insect pests.

One of the things that we are always happy to do is identify insects that might be causing problems or that you’re just curious about. For anyone with an insect identification question, we ask that you please either bring a clear picture of the insect or a dead specimen so that we can provide an accurate identification. For insect pests, we are also happy to provide management recommendations.

We’ll also have some of our favorite insect scouting equipment, including sweep nets, and will be discussing how best to assess pest insect levels in different crops.

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