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Herbicide Applications: Replanting Tips

Are you hoping to replant some poor stand areas? Here are some points to consider.

  • Herbicide Labels
    As the soils dry out, remember to check the herbicide labels. Is that particular field suitable for replanting? What weed chemicals were applied earlier this year?
  • Replanting Restrictions
    Normally it is fine to replant to the same crop, but in the case of corn it may be getting too late to replant and get a crop of grain this year. Several of the corn and soybean products have restrictions on crops that can be replanted. If the crop you are looking for is not listed on the label it will fall into “all other crops,” some of which may require a very long time interval prior to replanting.
  • New Weeds
    If a new flush of weeds is growing, evaluate what is applied and what can be used to burn down the weeds and still plant a crop.
  • Check Chemistries
    Some of our normal post-emergent chemicals can stunt new growth. Checking the chemistries used along with the ones planned will help determine if you have options.

Pest Management Guides

The 2017 South Dakota Pest Management Guides will provide you sections on each chemical and when to replant. This information can also be found on the herbicide labels.

For more information on this subject contact Paul O. Johnson.

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