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The SDSU Extension WEED Project will be at the fair to answer your questions again. This year the feature is Wormwood sage or Absinth wormwood. There is a lot of concern on control of this weed in pasture range and no-till fields. Presently, this weed is being looked at to be added as a statewide noxious weed. Right now it is declared a locally noxious weed in 39 counties. Come and vote in a straw poll if this weed should be declared state wide noxious or not. This is your one stop location to get your weed questions answered by the experts. The SDSU Extension WEED project continues this service to the citizens of South Dakota at the South Dakota State fair. The weed display will have crop and pasture weeds along with a lawn and garden weed area. The display will again have several publications that you can take home to learn more on the area of your concern. The iGrow South Dakota Weeds 2017 edition will be there to pick up free of charge. Most of the information can also be accessed on the SDSU Extension website Again the state fair this year runs August 30 through September 3.

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