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Written collaboratively by Amanda Bachmann and Connie Strunk.

2018 Private Applicator Certification

Certification courses and exams are available for new and existing private pesticide applicators. If you plan to apply any pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, and/or fungicides) to an agriculture commodity worth $1000 or more, you need to be certified.

Certification Options
Individuals have two options to obtain private applicator certification: 1) Attend a recertification class, or 2) Complete an online exam. Both options are free of charge.

What to Bring
Private applicator certification requires positive identification using a government-issued photo ID. Acceptable forms of identification include but are not limited to a driver’s license, passport, or military ID. If you are recertifying, please bring along your existing private applicator certification card even if the card is expired.

Why Certify?
Certification is required by law and it gives you the tools to apply pesticides properly, safely, and profitably. You must be competent to read and follow a label, calibrate your sprayer, and apply pesticides. Certification is good for five years and allows you to buy and apply general and restricted use pesticides. A private applicator cannot accept cash for spraying applications but can trade agricultural services; for example, you can spray your neighbor’s field if they bale your hay.

Record Requirements
Private applicators must keep records for two years of all restricted use pesticides that they apply. While record keeping is required only for restricted use pesticides, it is good practice to keep records of all pesticide applications as part of a farm management plan. Record keeping books and information are available at your local SDSU Extension Office or SDSU Extension Regional Center. Every year, some applicators are randomly selected for record keeping checks by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.

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