South Dakota Producers Facing Off-Target Herbicide Crop Damage Back »

Written collaboratively by Gared Shaffer and David Karki.

SDSU Extension has received calls from producers and agronomists observing possible crop damage from herbicide off-target movement. Some of these cases have been confirmed through tissue sampling. In any case of crop damage, it is important to remember the following:

1. Do Not Jump to Conclusions

Make sure not to take action with inconclusive facts before the proper steps have been taken,   while keeping good neighbor relationships. This is key to help solve issues such as these.

2. Tissue Sampling

Sample tissues from effected plant and send them to a lab for herbicide residual testing. The only local option is to send the tissue samples to South Dakota Ag labs.

More options include:

Disclaimer: Inclusion of a lab on this list does not imply endorsement of their services.

3. Complaints

To submit a crop damage compliant, contact the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Division of Agricultural Services at 605.773.4432.

There is an online form for pesticide complaints.


For more information, contact Gared Shaffer, SDSU Extension Weeds Field Specialist at 605.626.2870.

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