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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) recently announced that they had completed a major overhaul to their UNL water website and contacted SDSU Extension to see if we would help spread the word. While it may seem odd to some that SDSU Extension would help promote another university’s website, it really isn’t all that unusual. Universities are not islands unto themselves, nor do they operate in a vacuum. The land-grant colleges in the North-Central Region regularly collaborate with each other concerning both research and extension programming; pooling and sharing resources and information where it makes good sense.

In addition, watersheds and water resources do not follow geo-political boundaries. For instance, the northern terminus of the Ogallala/High Plains aquifer lies beneath a small region of south-central South Dakota. While it is an important water resource for SD residents living in that area, it is likely more critical to the entire state of Nebraska based solely on the volume of water in storage and its importance to the entire Nebraska ag economy by providing water for irrigation. Not surprisingly, Nebraska likely devotes more of its resources generating information about the aquifer than South Dakota does. The information however, is still completely relevant to South Dakotans. Again, it makes good sense to share resources and information where we can. The UNL website and newsletter can be used as an additional source of information for South Dakotans concerned with water-related issues on the Northern Great Plains. View more information in the official UNL news release included below.

High Plains Aquifer Map
Figure 1. The High Plains aquifer underlies an area of about 174,000 square miles that extends through parts of eight states. The aquifer is the principal source of water in one of the major agricultural areas of the United States. Courtesy: U.S. Geological Survey

Redesigned site, newsletter offer access to water resources

Lincoln, Neb., February 5, 2018 – A newly redesigned water website from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln offers quick access to information from the university’s water experts. The site was redesigned to better meet the needs of the public and their use of mobile devices.

Water experts plan to add information to the website regularly on agricultural water, manure management, residential water and water resources. At the conclusion of each month, a water newsletter will be published, delivering the latest articles directly into the email inboxes of its subscribers. To subscribe to the free newsletter, visit

The scope of the university’s water research is broad. Residential water experts target issues such as lawns and landscapes, homeowner wastewater treatment, water wells and drinking water, and stormwater management. The water resources team addresses groundwater, stormwater, surface water quality, and watershed issues, while agricultural professionals focus on irrigation management, animal manure management and the Nebraska Ag Water Management Network.

To view the site and access the latest water research, visit

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