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What’s Important to Know About Silage Additives & Inoculants?

Corn is suited to preservation as silage. Silage additives can be used to remedy deficiencies such as lack of sufficient population of bacteria to support adequate fermentation, and low levels of fermentable carbohydrates. Most of the silage additives are applied as forages are chopped or during the loading phase.

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Finding on Survey: Upper Midwest Puerto Rico Collaboration Project

South Dakota dairies face a shortage of local workers to produce a safe, and affordable food supply. A common method to overcome this is to hire immigrant labor. These workers find it difficult to feel welcome in the community due to language and cultural barriers, resulting in poor integration and a stereotype of being transient. To sustain our existing communities, there is a need of economic opportunities for growth. This project will build capacity for the SD dairy industry by creating a path to recruit legal Puerto Rican (US Territory) workers.

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Sunflower Seed Maggot Adults in South Dakota Sunflower

While scouting sunflower this week, we observed numerous flies with black patterns on their wings on the sunflower heads. The flies turned out to be adults of the sunflower seed maggot. These flies are long lived and undergo two generations each year in South Dakota. Adult flies overwinter in wooded areas like shelter belts. Although the flies are a known pest of sunflower, previous studies have determined that insecticide applications are not effective for managing populations.

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