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Alfalfa Winter Kill: What is next?

This year lack of snow coverage along with up’s and down’s in temperatures have caused several issues with alfalfa stands in several locations in South Dakota. Where the damage has occurred, it is concentrated in areas of fields where ice sheets formed, water ponded, poor drainage, and not enough snow cover to insulate alfalfa against extreme temperatures. Late harvested stands that are three or more years old are showing more damage than younger ones’ under moderate management.

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Sorghum Nitrogen Rates: Comparing recommendations from standard vs. Haney soil tests

A field scale replicated trial testing different fertilizer nitrogen rates on sorghum was conducted in Stanley County during the summer of 2016. In addition to the standard testing procedure, the laboratory also ran the Haney suite of tests. This is a set of procedures developed by Dr. Rick Haney. It is being promoted in some areas as being able to do a better job of predicting fertilizer requirements than traditional testing procedures when no-till and cover-crop techniques are being used.

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2017 Weed Control: Sorghum

The South Dakota 2017 Weed Control in Sorghum is available online as a free PDF download or as a hard copy at SDSU Extension regional centers, offices, and at events. The publication was updated for 2017 to include new products, new product names, and the corresponding changes to the labels including application rates, rotation restrictions, and additive rates. Cost estimates are included for the herbicide products.

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