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Executive Summary

  • Educational Goals: This program will provide new information on herbicide residual effects on cover crops used after corn silage and small grains.
  • Program Justification: Interest in cover crops is ever increasing. Producers have many reasons for using cover crops but at times don't know if the herbicide they sprayed during their cash crop will hurt their cover crops.  
  • Target Audience: South Dakota crop producers.
  • Public and Private Value: The public value will be necessary herbicide residual information when making cover crop decisions for the future. The private value will be information to make informed recommendations to producers as agronomy field specialist.
  • Program Delivery: Information gathered from this program will be delivered in-person during farmer field tours. In addition the results will be produced digitally on iGrow.
  • Resources Needed: Land, Planting/spraying/harvesting equipment, seed, funding for travel, supplies and publications
  • Key contact: Gared Shaffer 605.290.6164

Public and Private Value

  • Public (long-term desired outcome): The development of research-extension information on incorporating cover crops into established cropping systems in South Dakota based on herbicide residual information gathered through this research. 
  • Private: I anticipate 15 to 30 in the field tour. 
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