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Written by Bob Fanning, former SDSU Extension Plant Pathology Field Specialist.

1.) Inform wheat producers and private agronomists as to recent developments and research information regarding pests and their control, fertility, variety selection, crop fertility and production practices.

2.) Wheat production can pose a variety of questions, influenced by weather conditions, varying pest populations, changing pesticide and fertility products and other factors. Wheat producers appreciate and need to get answers to their questions from unbiased, science-based sources in order to be sustainable.

3.) Wheat producers and representatives from the private companies who provide them with products and services.

4.) Private Value: 150-200 wheat producers are expected to participate in the Wheat Walks, increase their knowledge regarding wheat production practices and sustainable pest control and increase their profitability. Public Value: The Wheat Walks will improve the ability of area wheat producers to be sustainable which will create additional economic activity that will benefit the local agricultural suppliers and businesses.

5.) Brief in-field presentations will be made by Extension Specialists and/or Field Specialists regarding issues they deem important in their respective topic areas. Handout material will be available to support their presentations and provide reference information. Extension staff will be available following the oral presentations to interact one-on-one and/or in small groups to answer specific questions and engage in discussion.

6.) Extension personnel in each topic area to prepare and present information, funding to cover travel and other expenses, printed handout material for subject matter reference, appropriate locations to hold the events.

7.) Key contact: Bob Fanning, Plant Pathology Field Specialist, SDSU Extension Center, Winner, SD; 605.842.1267.

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