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Starting April 30, 2018 all dicamba products that are not a mixture but instead straight dicamba are restricted use in South Dakota. This will mean all applicators will need to keep spray records of use and place of application. Applicators will need to have private applicators license or commercial license with them in order to buy or apply straight dicamba. In addition, if applicators are spraying Engenia, Fexapan, or Xtendimax over the top of soybeans they also will need to have dicamba training.

At this point most applicators will need to do an online course if they do not have this training yet. These applications also require records to be filled out daily. Outside of Engenia, Fexapan, or Xtendimax all other straight dicamba products will not have the restricted use label on the package because they are only restricted use in South Dakota and a few other states. However, they are not considered restricted use across the entire US. Examples of products that are now restricted use in South Dakota include: Banvel, Clarifier, Clarity, Clash, Detonate, Diablo, Dicamba, DiFlexx, Rifle, Sterling Blue, and Vision. Examples of products that are mixes and not restricted use pesticides are Distinct, Status, Spitfire, Scorch, Rifle-D, Trimec, and Diflexx Duo. All of these changes are being done to ensure that the drift issues that were experienced in 2017 will be reduced.

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