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Herbicide Considerations for Cover Crop Planting in 2018

Long residual pre-emergent or early post-emergent herbicides may cause stand reduction or complete cover crop failure of cover crops. This situation, depending on efficacy of the herbicide can both affect in-season and/or post-harvest cover crop establishment.

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Moving Forward With Dicamba in 2018: Researching off target movement

Dicamba off target movement created disagreements between many. This occurred in South Dakota between farmers, farmers and companies, farmers and university weed scientists and companies with regulatory agencies.

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Does Growing Early Maturing Soybeans Fit in Your Rotation?

Short growing seasons in South Dakota create difficulty for field activities following row crop harvest in the fall. Some crop producers in the state occasionally grow soybeans with varying maturity ratings for two major reasons: 1) to spread out the harvest resources in the fall, and 2) to avert any unpredicted weather circumstances such as early frost, mid-season hail occurrences, drought conditions, etc.

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Why Precision Agriculture?

When precision agriculture comes into a conversation a few questions arise. Three of those questions might be: What is precision agriculture? How does precision agriculture make our farm more profitable? What do I do with all this data?

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Application of Nitrogen Fertilizer in Soybeans

SDSU Extension conducted a study during the 2016 growing season at five Eastern South Dakota sites to evaluate the effects of added N fertilizer (as urea) on soybean yields. The study was established at the SDSU Northeast Research Farm and four on-farm cooperators’ fields in Clark, Kingsbury, and Minnehaha (2 sites) counties.

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