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Soybean Investigations: Research on Your Farm Seeks Farmer Cooperators

Do you depend on the latest information focused on soybean products? Are you constantly seeking out cost-effective information and looking for what actually works on South Dakota farms? Have you wanted to try a new product but didn’t want to commit to it on your entire field? Have you wondered if a fungicide application is beneficial? Thought about late season nitrogen applications? Do you have soybean cyst nematode and wonder whether or not the seed treatments work? This short list is just a sampling of the many different issues that are occurring in SD soybean fields today.

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2016 Evaluation of Seed Treatments in South Dakota Soybean

In South Dakota, the use of insecticide and fungicide seed treatments often occurs in what is considered a prophylactic manner. Although this is technically correct, part of the prophylactic nature of their use is directly related to the lack of management recommendations. There are definite hurdles associated with producing management recommendations for products that are applied prior to planting including determining if pests are even present in a given field.

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Consider SCN Sampling This Spring

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) silently robs significant soybean yield without displaying obvious above ground symptoms. Unfortunately, when SCN is introduced in the field, it can never be completely eliminated; however, SCN can be managed to keep SCN population below injury level. By the time one soybean cyst is observed on the soybean roots or in the soil sample, likely more cysts are occurring in that field.

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Overwintering S.D. Bean Leaf Beetles: 2017 predicted mortality

The overwintering generation of bean leaf beetle adults emerge in the spring and can cause serious defoliation injury to seedling soybean plants. However, the abundance of overwintering bean leaf beetles is negatively affected when the air temperatures get too cold. Therefore, an estimate of the emerging populations can be made based on how cold the winter was.

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Want a Premium Price? Weed Control In NON-GMO Soybeans

Many emotions set in on farmers that hear the word “non-GMO”, but it could help them in times like today when prices are low for many farm products in South Dakota. As some may already know, non-GMO soybeans are being contracted in South Dakota at Miller by the South Dakota soybean processors. What could this mean for producers? It may mean a niche market for soybean producers to make a little more per acre when higher crop prices are needed

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