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Seeing Dead Soybean Plants in a Circular Pattern? Could Be Due to Lightning

What are the odds that a soybean plant can be killed by lightning? Very low! In a recent ten year period, Eastern South Dakota had an average of one to two strikes per square kilometer, per year. While quite uncommon for lightning to damage row crops, it does happen. Thunderstorms can have lightning that can burn soybeans plants leading to their death.

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Drought Stress Symptoms in Soybean

Soybeans in South Dakota are in their moisture-critical reproductive stage. Drought stress during this growth stage can significantly impact yield, so here are some things to look for. When soybean is drought stressed, the leaves will flip over to show their silvery-green undersides. This is a defensive mechanism they use to reflect more light, reducing the amount of sunlight the plant takes in through its leaves.

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