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Soybean harvest. Credit: David Karki

Written collaboratively by Connie Strunk and Anthony Bly.

On-Farm Soybean Research

Do you depend on the latest information focused on soybean products? Are you constantly seeking out cost-effective information and looking for what actually works on South Dakota farms? Have you wanted to try a new product but didn’t want to commit to it on your entire field? Have you wondered if a fungicide application is beneficial? Thought about late season nitrogen applications? Do you have soybean cyst nematode and wonder whether or not the seed treatments work? This short list is just a sampling of the many different issues that are occurring in SD soybean fields today.

SDSU Extension and the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council are seeking South Dakota Soybean Growers willing to participate in a farmer-led on-farm strip trial research program.

Why try on-farm research?

Soybean producers are dealing with an overwhelming assortment of crop production input product choices. Information is needed on cost-effective practices to control diseases, insects, weeds, as well as managing soil fertility, tillage, row spacing, and other agronomic decisions. Possible topics producers may decide to study include: soil amendments, fertilizer choices, pesticide application decisions and choices, foliar nutrients, factors leading to high yields, second trip vs. single trip applications, and unbiased testing of different products on their field.

Why SDSU Extension?

SDSU Extension bridges the gap and will provide assistance with how to conduct an unbiased on-farm research project. SDSU Extension provides information and application guidance for each soybean producer to design and set-up their unique research project. Each soybean grower who participates in our program will have the opportunity to focus on what they want to evaluate on their farm. The objective of the Soybean Investigations: Research on Your Farm program is to empower soybean growers with the knowledge of how to conduct and evaluate on-farm research.

Investigations on your farm.

Farmer-led and initiated research projects will be conducted for one year. Annual project summaries will be grouped together in a Soybean Investigations: On Your Farm Report and will be published on iGrow and highlighted at other SDSU Extension and SD Soybean Research and Promotion Council meetings and events. View the the 2015 project results for more information.

The South Dakota Research and Promotion Council are providing the funding for this project and will be underwriting partial expenses for participating producers. The choice is yours! What will you choose to research and explore?

More Information

To learn more about on-farm research participation, contact:

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