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Figure 1. Confirmations of gall midge larvae in soybean in 2018. Positive counties are shaded in red.

Written collaboratively by Adam Varenhorst, Amanda Bachmann, Philip Rozeboom, Patrick Wagner, and Cole Dierks.

Last week, we mentioned that gall midge larvae are being found more frequently this year in soybean. We also noted that where they are present, they seem to be causing a lot of issues with soybean development. Thanks to assistance from several South Dakota stakeholders, we have been able to put together a confirmation map to help understand where the gall midge larvae have been observed.  Affected areas should be scouted more closely to figure out how many fields in each county are affected. So far, the counties that we have received confirmations from include Clay, Douglas, Hutchinson and Lincoln (Figure 1).

Although we don’t have management recommendations for this pest, we will work on developing sampling plans as well as potential management options for the 2019 growing season. South Dakota isn’t the only state that is being affected by this pest. It has also been causing issues in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

This week, we will begin driving around counties in Southeast South Dakota, to determine if additional counties may need to be added to our list. In addition, we are hoping to find a few fields to collect samples of the gall midge larvae.

If you observe this pest, the easiest way to send us confirmation of the field is to send an image of infested plants along with the following information:

  • Location
  • Previous Crop
  • Tillage Practice
  • Seed Treatments Used
  • Field edge issue or entire field issue

Please email this information to Adam Varenhorst.

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