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Written collaboratively by Adam Varenhorst, Patrick Wagner, and Amanda Bachmann.

If you visited the SDSU Extension tent at Dakotafest this year, you may have visited with the SDSU Extension entomology team. The entomology team is composed of Dr. Adam Varenhorst, Dr. Amanda Bachmann and Mr. Patrick Wagner. The team was present at Dakotafest to answer insect related questions, display collections of common insects of South Dakota, and also distribute insect identification guides and fact sheets.

The most common questions we received this year included black vine weevils, cicada killer wasps, cicadas, earwigs, praying mantises, soybean aphids, and red sunflower seed weevils. These insects have been hot topics all summer long.

This year we also had two screens running which covered common insect questions with answers provided, and also one identifying many of the commonly observed insects.

If you have questions that weren’t answered while you were at Dakotafest, please feel free to contact us!

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