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Two new spring wheat varieties, Forefront and Advance are being increased by South Dakota Foundation Seed Growers and will be available to everybody in 2013.

Advance has excellent yield potential and is statistically similar to other varieties in the top yield group. Test weight is good and compares with other top varieties. The protein of Advance is adequate. It has a late heading date, approximately 5.5 days later than Brick. Advance is moderately resistant to leaf rust, stem rust, and also Bacterial Leaf Streak. Advance has adequate milling and baking qualities. Advance is the result of a cross between Granger and a North Dakota experimental line.

The other Spring Wheat variety has been named Forefront. It has shown good yield potential similar to all other top varieties but slightly less than Traverse. Test weight of Forefront is excellent, one of the highest overall, and significantly greater than all but the top group. Grain protein is also excellent, statistically similar to the top spring wheat varieties for protein, and significantly more than Traverse. Forefront is among the taller varieties at 36.4 inches, making lodging a potential problem. Forefront has a relatively early heading date, approximately 2 days later than Brick. A highlight of Forefront is that it is moderately resistant to Fusarium head blight (scab). Forefront has an excellent rust package, showing resistant to moderately resistant ratings for both leaf and stem rust. Milling qualities are also good for Forefront. Forefront was derived from a single spike from a cross of Walworth and a spring wheat experimental line.

SDSU Experiment Station is also releasing to Foundation Seed Growers a new oats variety. Horsepower will be available to all growers in 2013. Horsepower has an exceptionally high yield potential. It also has outstanding straw strength and has a short plant height. It is an early maturing variety with average test weight. Disease resistance includes: resistance to local races of crown rust, moderately resistant to smut and barley yellow draft virus and moderately susceptible to stem rust. The parents of Horsepower include Settler and Troy along with other lines.

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