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Here are oil and gas statistics for South Dakota in 2016:

New Wells & Permits
In 2016 the number of new oil wells was 0. This is the first time since I have been following the oil and gas industry in South Dakota (four years) that there has not been a new well drilled in the state. There were 3 drilling permits issued in 2016; one in Harding County and two in Fall River County.

Oil Production
The number of producing oil wells in 2016: 166 and 155 came from Harding County, 8 from Fall River County and 3 from Custer County. The counties and formations where the oil is being produced: within Custer and Fall River Counties, the oil comes from the Minnelusa or Tylor formation and within Harding County the oil comes from the Red River formation.

Oil Fields & Wells
The counties and number of producing oil fields within in South Dakota in 2016 were: Custer County with 1; Fall River County 3; and Harding County had 14 producing fields. The average age of oil producing wells within in Custer County is 36 years; within Fall River County the average age of producing wells is 30 years; and the average age for producing wells within Harding County for 2016 was 19 years.

Gas Production
No gas permits were issued in 2016 and the state had 45 producing gas wells all of them located in Harding County. There was 1 producing gas field, located in Harding County and the formation that holds this gas field is the Shannon Sandstone.

More Information
For more information on South Dakota oil and gas statistics you can log on to the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources website. To find these statistics and general production information you need to look at the left hand side of the website and look under the heading Data/Reports and click on production/injection. Scroll down until you see the general production information.

Reference: South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources. (2016). General Production Information. (2016 South Dakota Oil and Gas Statistics).

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