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Craft Breweries: Impact on Small to Mid-Size Communities, Neighborhoods and Local Economies

Breweries, taprooms, and bars have always been about more than beer, serving as community hubs, gathering places, and sources of local identity and pride. However, craft breweries are steadily serving as mechanisms for economic development in small to mid-size communities in rural areas.

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Jeffrey City, WY: A mining boomtown gone bust

A boomtown is a community that experiences rapid population and economic growth; very often it is in conjunction with a new profitable industry. There are over 50 such communities within the United States and Jeffrey City, Wyoming is one of these communities. Jeffrey City is located in Freemont County Wyoming, on highway 287 about 90 plus miles west of Casper and about 60 plus miles east of Lander.

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Congratulations Graduates! Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Congratulations to all the young people celebrating graduations this month, whether is it a high school graduation or a college graduation. You have a reason to be proud. You have dedicated years of learning and now it is time to go out and spread your wings! Yes, this is an exciting time for you. There are so many options! You can continue your education. You can get a job. You can start a business. And then remember, once you have had some of the adventures you always dreamed of, you can go home.

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