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Wagner Area Growth Sponsors Small Business Beginnings

Aspiring and current business owners in the Wagner and Lake Andes area recently participated in Small Business Beginnings, a series of five business classes offered by SDSU Extension Community Vitality an organized by Wagner Area Growth. During these classes, participants planned for success in business by having the opportunity to write or update their business plans, participate in “board” meetings, and learn from a variety of speakers that covered everything from business structure to taxes and licensing to financial statements and finance options.

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People Skills in Leaders

Richard Leider, a founding partner of the Inventure Group, wrote in Forbes magazines, “People don’t leave companies; they leave leaders.” In our world where internet openness provides a format for making quick, and sometimes regrettable comments, and where email and text communication is used too frequently in place of a personal conversation, how important are people skills in leaders?

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Campbell County Economic Development, SD: In the Spotlight

Like many small rural areas, Campbell County Economic Development Corp. faces challenges and they have succeeded in overcoming these challenges to attain several wins with economic development within their rural communities. I had an opportunity to speak with Andrew Van Kuren, coordinator for Campbell County Economic Development Corp. and below you will read his responses to the questions I asked.

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SDSU Extension Community Vitality Team Bits & Pieces

SDSU Extension uses the Appreciative Inquiry approach as we assist organizations and communities with strategic planning. Our 1-day session, recently used by the Yankton Chamber of Commerce, allows groups to find their strengths, and then to build on those strengths for future growth. As participants reflect on what has gone well in the past, they can vision about possibilities for the next 1-3 years that eventually turn into action ideas for the future.

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First Nuclear Reactor in 20 Years Begins Operation

The United States first “new” nuclear power plant, the Watts Bar 2 reactor, has become operational in Tennessee. This Tennessee Valley Authority, (TVA) 1,150-megawatt reactor is online and producing electricity for 650,000 homes and businesses. The Watts Bar 2 is the 100th nuclear reactor to operate in the United States and the first new reactor to open in 20 years.

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