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Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union board of directors.

SDSU Extension can provide what is called situational leadership program design. The Community Vitality Team will analyze the situation that the board is in and determine what training might be appropriate. The program can be tailored to meet your specific board development needs. The Board Development Program can be delivered in blocks of 4 hours of training. The content varies depending on the analysis of the individual board.

Target Audience

The target audience would include the following:

  • County Commissions
  • City Councils
  • Economic Development Groups
  • Nonprofit Boards

Curriculum & Teaching Plan

What are the key components of the curriculum/teaching plan?

  • The role of board members and understanding your influence
  • Holding more effective meetings to increase the impact of the board
  • Preparation of board members for each meeting
  • Examining and revising committee structure
  • Fund raising
  • Grant writing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Planning
  • Thanking your volunteers
  • Evaluating the executive director
  • Building a Sense of Community
  • Key Rules of Parliamentary Procedures
  • Organizational Responsibilities – Board or Executive Director
  • Conducting a Board Assessment a Pathway to Principles of Good Governance and Accountability


  • The private value is that commissions, councils and boards that participate in the board development training will become better board members, leaders and help to make their entity stronger.
  • The public value resulting from this program is that the commissions, councils and boards that participate will help there community’s and organization become more sustainable.

Educational Goals

  • Participants gain knowledge in how to become a better board member.
  • Participants began to incorporate this newly learned knowledge during their board meetings.
  • Participants have fully embedded this board training during each board meeting and passed this knowledge on to new board members
  • Participants integrate what they have learned and apply it in their lives.

Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union board of directors.

Interested in this program?

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