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Photo by Brittney Canales

The Kauffman Foundation releases a Startup Activity Index every year. Their 2015 release shows ascending activity for the first time since 2010. The 2015 rise represents the largest year-over-year increase in the past two decades, giving new hope to the revival of entrepreneurship.

In 2015, 310 adults out of 100,000 (.31%) started new businesses each month. That index in 2014 was slightly lower at .28%. The rebound tends to line up with the strength of other economic indicators, even though experts are still cautious about economic growth.

In terms of statistics of new entrepreneurs, 63.2 percent were men. All age groups grew except the 45-54 age range. All ethnic groups – particularly Latinos - experienced increases in the past year. Since 1996, Latino entrepreneurs have gone from 10% of the total to 22.1% in 2015. Asian entrepreneurs increased substantially, too; during this period.

A growing immigrant population and the high likelihood of immigrants becoming entrepreneurs contributed to the rising share of new immigrant entrepreneurs. Twenty-eight percent of all new entrepreneurs are immigrants in the 2015 Index, compared to 13.3% in the 1997 Index.


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